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Measuring BMI Index

Calculating BMI

A resident’s nutritional status/diagnosis is important to assess within Aged Care. There is no one clinical tool or measure used but a number of measures are considered in conjunction, when making a judgement on nutritional status. These include the nutritional screening tool, food diary and the...

Choking in Aged Care residents

How To Minimise Choking for Residents

Choking is the second most common preventable cause of death in Australian aged care facilities. In Victoria alone, there were 89 choking deaths between 2000 and 2012, and adults over 85yrs accounted for the majority of deaths. Choking has the potential to cause brain injury and...

Fats in the Diet

Fats in the Diet

The types of fats we eat, what are they, should we be having them, how much, how often??? These are all common questions that leave people feeling confused and unsure of whether or not they are consuming the healthiest diet for their body. There are two...