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Nutrition and Hydration in Palliative Care, within Aged Care

Both speech pathologists and dietitians spend much of their time finding ways to improve or sustain a resident’s nutrition and hydration as safely as possible.

However there are a large number of clients and residents whose goals do not revolve around maintenance of nutrition and hydration but instead focus on quality of life and comfort. Palliative care is a term that many of our readers hear and use on a daily basis. But do we all truly understand the meaning of it?

commercial supplements

Are there alternatives to Commercial Nutrition Supplements?

Commercial nutrition supplements will always have their place in residential aged care facilities to help promote optimal nutritional status in those residents who are managing very little variety in their diet and are unable to maintain their weight through food intake.

However, there are strategies your facility can implement to help control costs with no disadvantage to residents.

commercial supplements

April 2017 Newsletter

Thank you to those of you who attended our Melbourne dysphagia workshop last week, it was a great success. We even discovered some masterchefs amongst the group! Some texture modified delights created on the day included smooth puree chocolate and avocado mousse, strawberry and ricotta cups and some delicious sandwich selections!